when writers for a show throw established canon, characterization, and emotions to the wind

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there’s something wrong when I go from being very tired and ready to pass out right at the keyboard, to very awake and alert. 

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Mass Effect 3 - Garrus/Tali

There’s nothing quite like a friend getting deliberately triggered that really shows you how many pieces of shit people are in a particular fandom, ready to come to the perpetrators aid just because they’re rather popular and “really not like that, I swear!” 

shitty bathroom selfies on easter sunday without my glasses cus I’m tired as heck

shitty bathroom selfies on easter sunday without my glasses cus I’m tired as heck









i’ll fight you

i’ll fight me

not if i fight me first!

But we’ll never fight each other.




that’s hilarious

i’m in stitches


i am

first you trigger a friend of mine. when she responds to said trigger in a negative fashion, you respond that you were waiting for her to flip her shit over that post

you knowingly and willingly triggered a person

to get your jollies

not only that, but when asked why, you have the balls to say you didn’t realize what you were doing would upset her

after admitting that you, in fact, did and were waiting for her response


you’ve had your five minutes of attention

stay the fuck away from my friends

I’m sorry. I’m a fucking idiot for not realizing the seriousness of the trigger.


If I hear you say you didn’t “recognize the seriousness of the trigger” one more fucking time I might scream bloody fucking murder.

You willingly and knowingly put something on your blog that would trigger one of your followers and then told them, and I quote, “I was expecting you flipping shit over this result”

I swear. To God. You better genuinely apologize to her instead of making yourself look like half the victim. 

Alltriggers should be treated as serious. End of story. 

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apparently the answer is yes holy fuck wow 

is it even possible for you to be an even bigger piece of trash just


my god

in which logging out for a little bit then logging back in changes the style of the outfit.