can i just live in a ThinkGeek warehouse

yeeeeea who wants to hang out with me on a friday night

answer: absolutely no one 

Leliana + TV Tropes

there is a palmetto bug loose in my room I have failed to extinguish its life goodbye friends I am gone

i should probably find my adobe stuff because cropping screenshots in paint is not gonna work 

TRACK: my contribution to the mass effect fandom
8,553 plays

whose god did i anger to incur Sponsored Posts on my dash

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denrylqueen replied to your post “denrylqueen replied to your post “denrylqueen replied to your post…”

Yes. I have to preorder it as well. I was hoping to get the Inquisitor Edition of it for the Tarot Cards because I really need some, plus all the nifty other things, but then it sold out super fast and so I stalled because I was irritated. ^^’

dang D: here’s to getting it preordered before release! 

denrylqueen replied to your post “denrylqueen replied to your post “GIVE IT TO ME *grabby hands*” It’s…”

I could technically get it tomorrow, but ugh. So much money and so many games I still have to preorder.

so many gaaames. I still haven’t preordered Inquisition. I was kind of hoping my brother would spot me that one for my birthday, but he hasn’t said anything and my birthday was 3 weeks ago, lol.

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